Couple, Family and Personal Therapy

Services provided:

Abe has been practicing individual, marriage, and family therapy for over twenty years. He has been fortunate to have participated in the direct improvement in the lives of thousands of individuals of all races, religions, and creeds. Abe establishes mutual respect and cooperation with almost every client he meets.

Abe has helped individuals find solutions to every kind of problem imaginable. He is compassionate, cares about his clients, and is highly skilled in finding the means to resolve even long-standing and difficult problems. 

Problems that other professionals have been unable to overcome are often solved with Abe’s help. His passion for his work, therapeutic skills, and his respect for his clients are often the key ingredients necessary for the successful resolution of personal and relationship challenges.

Individual therapy:

For depression, anxiety, anger management, stress, parenting, self-esteem building, relationship questions, court assessment and crisis management.

Marriage / Couple therapy:

For communication, anger control, domestic violence, physical and emotional intimacy issues, infidelity, parenting, excessive conflict, one person wants to end the relationship and the other wants to save it and crisis management.

Family therapy:

For communication, loyalty issues, parenting, teenage behavioral problems, excessive conflict and crisis management.

Anger management:

Abe has a specialty in “anger management.” He has authored three books on the subject and helped countless individuals that require “court ordered” anger management therapy.

Letter from James C. Morton, prominent lawyer, legal author, professor and past president of the Ontario Bar Association:

[Text of this letter]

August 15, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Abe Kass Anger Management Course

The following comments have been made upon my own initiative and not in response to a request by Mr. Kass.

I have sent a number of my clients to Family Therapist / Social Worker Abe Kass over the past several years.

Overall, I have been very satisfied with the counseling services he provides. In particular, I am impressed with his specialty in anger management.

I have seen first hand how the court, upon reviewing Abe Kass’s certification and credentials, has wholeheartedly accepted his ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE as a legitimate and effective treatment for those individuals in need of anger management. It is my impression that the lessons he provides clients are comprehensive and effective.

In fact, I have been so impressed with the quality of Mr. Kass’s anger management program and the positive responses I hear from my clients, that I believe it to be superior to the much used PAR anger management course.

Yours very truly,



James C. Morton

Psychosocial Assessments, Presentence Reports and Diversion Programs for Lawyers and their Clients:

For lawyers and their clients to document additional facts about case, to provide social skills education to prove to the courts a clients rehabilitation and for clients that have plead guilty and can benefit from a comprehensive pre-sentence report. Click to learn more.

Note: Letters and Assessments for therapy clients:

When individuals approach me for help in solving a personal or relationship problem and they become “my client,” I do not offer as part of my services written or verbal assessments to assists individuals engaged in “legal disputes.” I will not provide letters, reports, or assessments for doctors, lawyers or insurance companies for that purpose.

I do provide assessments and letters to a court when individuals require proof of having learned “anger management” or a similar requirement.

I do provide legal and forensic service when approached by a lawyer. This service may or may not be available to preexisting clients.

If you have any questions about this or would like an “exception,” please speak to me.

Types of therapy used to solve problems:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Solution focused therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Clinical hypnosis / Hypnotherapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Structural family therapy
  • Intergenerational family therapy
  • Strategic family therapy
  • Contextual therapy

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Why Choose Abe:

• Professionally Trained
• Highly Experienced
• Caring
• Accessible
• Insurance Coverage
• Affordable Fees
• Pay with credit card, check or cash

Professionals Comments*

What impresses me most about your work is your sensitivity and caring. –Senior Family Therapist

We have sent many of our patients to other therapists and doctors.

However, we have not seen the kind of success we are now witnessing with the patients we are now sending you. –Family Physician & Medical Clinic Director

I am completely amazed how you have helped several families that I have sent you. Everyone had given-up hope that things could get any better for these individuals, but their situations have improved dramatically. 

Allowing me to attend several sessions with these families has allowed me to understand how “bad” things can really get, and how such situations can actually improve. I give you a lot of credit for what you do, and what you accomplish. -Cleric

Over the years I have sent you many clients. They all love you! Every time people come to me with relationship problems I immediately send them to you. -Lawyer That Specializes In Family Law

I have worked closely with you on many occasions and your talent, skill, and success is apparent. -Psychologist

I am very happy to send you clients. I see first hand your success and value for my clients. -Lawyer That Specializes In Family Law

Thank you for coming to speak to our group on “Parenting as a Team.” 

Your thoughts on parenting will help raise a new generation of healthy children, and will help to empower parents in the challenging tasks that they often face. 

Your words were well received and appreciated. -Chairperson of The Adult Education Committee

When I reviewed your tapes, I found the technical quality, artistry, and technique were fantastic. -Family Physician

Feedback from my patients has been overwhelmingly positive and I have personally witnessed the fruits of your labor time and time again. This is why I continue to send my patients in need of personal and family mental health services to you. -Family Physician

I have had excellent feedback from my patients who have used your services for individual counseling, group counseling, marital counseling, and stress management. 

I am happy your services are available for the patients of our clinic. -Family Physician

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the splendid work you are doing with my clientele.

I know that working with Motor Vehicle Accident victims can be challenging and time-consuming. It is a real pleasure seeing rapid and effective results in such a short period of time.

I am sure that the claimants and their insurers are also grateful for the timeliness and cost effectiveness of your treatment approach.

Thank you again, for your dedication and hard work. I look forward to working with you in the future. –Rehabilitation Counselor Working With Accident Victims

* These comments are non-solicited. They are not meant to imply that all people will have similar outcomes. All identifying details have been changed to ensure confidentiality. They have been extracted from records and voluntary remarks for the purpose of research, teaching, publication, and the evaluation of services.