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Clients Comments*

How does one say thank you for what you have done for us? You taught us the skill of speaking civilly to each other. We are able to broach any topic, even the sensitive ones. We are able to tell each other our feelings. We are able to really hear & understand what the other person is saying. And we are able to convey that we have heard and understood. And then we are able to move onto the next step to solve our problem, based on the feelings that we each have. -C.G.
When I sent you my 17-year-old son he was depressed and worried about himself. After only three meetings he now feels so good about himself. He is so happy and I am very appreciative. Thank you -E.D.
Your idea of how to positively influence my wife was absolutely amazing. It was so simple yet brilliant. When I tried it, it really worked. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Everything looks different now. -R.Y.

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